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Before the Depot Restaurant, there was the Grant Depot (a real train station!) built in 1891. The building itself was originally 20 ft wide and 80 ft long and included: a passenger waiting room, ticket window, supply room, station master office, and a station agent's desk. The building still maintains the original freight scale along with the original  freight door. Also on the property is a historic water tower (which happens to be the last remaining wooden water tower in Michigan) as well as a caboose that was saved from the scrapyard and instead lives out its life to teach others about the historic Chessie Railroad System. It wasn't until 1980 that the building was converted into a family-owned restaurant and remains a great atmosphere for people of all ages.

The Depot Restaurant has since been a staple of the Grant  community. Whereas the landmark of the Depot has remained a constant in the community, the restaurant itself has undergone recent changes. A newly refurnished interior and exterior to the restaurant is sure to aesthetically please any audience. 


Our new menu has a variety of intriguing, great-tasting foods that will surely meet anyone's satisfaction. So stop in at The Depot Restaurant and see for yourself everything that we have to offer.


Monday-Thursday: 6am-9pm


Sunday: 7am-7pm


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We use only the best ingredients which includes produce from local farmers that keep
customers coming back AGAIN ANd again.